The Charter of Rotary Club of Portland
A meeting of the Rotary Club of Portland was held at Dawson's Cafe, Portland on Saturday 14th Feb., 1942. The chairman was the President, Em Logan who gave an address entitled: "Rotary Ideals". This was followed by the Organisational Meeting of the Rotary Club of Portland with 25 charter members. The organisation was completed and application for Membership in Rotary International was made. Rotarian H. McKeown of the Rotary Club of Hamilton was the District Governor's Special representative to organise the club.
The inaugural meeting of the Rotary Club of Portland was held on the 23rd. Feb., 1942. The first President of the Rotary Club of Portland was Dr. Henry Maling. The Rotary Club of Portland was formally admitted to Rotary International District 64 (now part of District 9780) on 8th Aug., 1942.
Members of the Rotary Club of Portland Inc. are very proud of their achievements since their charter. These efforts are spread over all Avenues of Rotary Service.
Details around the Charter
Club Name: Portland, Victoria, Australia
Population: 8000
Governor: Stanley Perry
No. of charter members: 25
District Number: 65
Club Number: 5494
Date organised: 14 Feb, 1942
Date Admitted: 13 April 1942
Sponsor Club: Hamilton, Victoria

Original Charter Officers:

President: Henry Maling
Vice Pres.: Keith Anderson
Secretary: Alec Woods
Treasurer: Stuart Malseed
Sergent at arms: Noel Henry
From the original document of charter:
"This list shall contain not less than 15 names nor more than 35, except in cities of more than 100,000, in which case it may contain no more than 50 names"
Original Charter members
  1. Henry Maling -Medicine Surgery
  2. Keith Anderson -Butter & cheese manufacturing
  3. John Harris -Barrister
  4. Leslie Edwards -Education-Eliminentary.
  5. Leslie Quayle -Dentistry
  6. Norman Wade -Service Stations
  7. Bertan Carthew -Postal Services
  8. Stewart Malseed -Banking Trading-Banks
  9. Robert Henderson -Refined Oil Distributing
  10. Harold Hedditch -Real Estate Valuations
  11. Thomas Day - Hardware Distributing
  12. Leslie Harman -Electrical Engineering
  13. Edward Henry -Municipal Administration
  14. Theodore Jarrett -Funeral Directing
  15. Alfred Redfern - Commercial Fishing
  16. Tom McDonald - Government Services-Roads
  17. Lyall Woods - Accountancy Services
  18. Hugh Keiller -Meat Exporting
  19. Charles Keith - Hospital Administration
  20. Samuel Housen -Hotel Keeper
  21. James Murrell - Meat Retailing
  22. Ormond Pettit - Printing & Publishing
  23. Richard Westlake - Transport Bus services
  24. Alban Barcham - Pharmacist
  25. Lachlan McPherson -Bread Baking